The Cancer Quality Lab (CQuaL) is an initiative housed at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, dedicated to undertaking research projects to facilitate quality improvement across the cancer care continuum. 

Founded in 2018, CQuaL is comprised of highly skilled multidisciplinary professionals committed to optimizing the quality of healthcare and maximizing health outcomes in cancer care through research and practice. Our team has expertise from medical oncology & hematology, radiation medicine, surgery, supportive care, nursing, pharmacy, biostatistics, administration, and research. Together, we provide a coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to quality improvement and implementation science research in cancer care.


We conduct high impact quality science research that addresses real world issues in oncology. We are now identifying the most critical issues and using data in new, faster and more effective ways to drive improvements in processes, service, research and patient outcomes.  With this as our foundation, we aim to close the loop between quality measurement and improvement to enhance cancer care and improve patient outcomes at the institutional level and beyond.


CQuaL conducts systemic evaluations of quality principles aimed at eliminating preventable harm to cancer patients and improving quality of care. We reflect upon current practice and look for ways to improve care. CQuaL specializes in measuring, evaluating, implementing, and disseminating best practice guidelines and cutting edge research for improving current cancer care practices. Our team is dedicated to developing, adapting and disseminating these methods as a way to maximize health outcomes across the cancer continuum.