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High quality care is the fundamental goal of medicine.  However, healthcare delivery is a complex undertaking fraught with challenges such as suboptimal adoption of evidence-based practices, wide variation in care and outcomes, and high rates of harm (safety concerns).  The success associated with using quality principles to improve manufacturing and other industries has led to substantial interest in adapting these principles to healthcare delivery as a way to optimize quality of care and maximize health outcomes. There is both an opportunity and a need to evaluate the practical application of quality principles to medicine in a systematic way. 

CQuaL strives to fulfill this unmet need by undertaking quality science focused research projects aimed at eliminating preventable harm to patients with cancer and improving quality of care.

CQuaL Retreat 2018


We are undertaking a number of current initiatives aimed at improving the quality of patient care, understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on the delivery of care to the oncology population, and developing learning partnerships with quality improvement and implementation researchers globally.

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